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Dom Won't Stop Believin'

Leading man Dominique Scott gets ready to rock as the second national “Rock Of Ages” tour rages on

Dominique Scott. Photo courtesy of

While the hit jukebox musical “Rock of Ages” celebrates everything about the 1980’s, from the famous glam metal bands of the decade to the outrageous trends that were considered “bad to the bone,” there is one element of the current national tour that is not so decade-specific. Dominique Scott, who leads the show’s cast as rocker Drew Boley, wasn’t even born when these badass songs were being belted out by their original bands. But still, Dominique can’t fight the feeling (anymore) that he was born to play the role of Drew. In addition to listening to classic 80's rock growing up, he has always been a rocker at heart - singing for years with his NYC band, Domin8trx, and brandishing a big voice and even bigger dreams.

After opening on Broadway in early 2009, "Rock of Ages" launched its first national tour in September 2010 starring "American Idol" Constantine Maroulis in the title role of Drew. The show is still going strong on the Great White Way (with Dan Domenech in the lead role) and now the second national tour, which launched in October 2011, is currently underway with Dominique Scott getting his turn in the spotlight as rocker Drew. While on the road, Dominique had some time to answer my questions and he talked about his music idols, how he (serendipitously) landed the role of Drew, and some of his favorite unplanned moments in the show.

Dominique sings with Domin8trx at the Parkside Lounge. Photo courtesy of Domin8trx.

Donnie Matsuda: What kind of music did you listen to growing up? Any particular music idols?

Dominique Scott: I listened to everything pretty much. My first album was Michael Jackson's “History” album. He is a huge idol of mine. Then I got the Spice Girls (yikes!), Will Smith's “Big Willie Style,” Aqua, but because of my dad I really grew up listening to classic rock. Everything from the Beatles, to Aerosmith, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Four Seasons, Doo Wop, everything. I got into musical theater during late middle school and high school. Listened to Rockapella and Broadway shows EXCLUSIVELY for four years (I was fascinated with close harmony). Then in college I started going R&B/soul. A lot of Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight - some Jazz, Take 6 - and even opera - Pavarotti is one of my favorite singers of all time. Now some of my favorite people to listen to are like really soulful rock singers like Marc Broussard and Ernie Halter.

My biggest influences singing wise are: David Phelps, Drew Sarich, Scott Leonard, Brian McKnight, and most recently Adam Lambert.

Donnie: I see you’ve played quite a few of the leading male roles in the American musical theatre cannon – which is your favorite and why?

Dominique: I truly believe that it doesn't get better than Drew in ROCK OF AGES - at least for me and where I'm at in my life right now.... however... some of my past favorite parts include Chris in Miss Saigon, Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar, and Will Rogers in The Will Rogers Follies. Chris and Jesus both because of the meat of the material vocally and both have really juicy moments to act. Will Rogers because of the monster of a role that is - having to stand in front of an audience and just talk to them and work off of them for 10 minute segments. I love improv and getting to fool around with the audience is in fact one of my favorite aspects in getting to do ROCK OF AGES every day.

Domin8trx album cover. Photo courtesy of Domin8trx.

Donnie: I understand you sing with your own NYC rock band called Domin8trx. Tell me more.

Dominique: Oh hell yeah. We rock. We just released our debut album CAROUSEL. You can get it at or iTunes. Or anywhere else that sells CDs. It took me two years to make it from start to finish and it is a collection of the BEST music I could come up with. All the songs are slightly different from each other and reflect the range of influences that we have as musicians. It's awesome. Period.

Donnie: How did you get involved in this touring production of ROCK OF AGES? Had you been a fan of the Broadway musical?

Dominique: I'm still a fan of the musical. I think it is sooo well written and so much fun. I had seen it with Constantine twice on Broadway and then once with my friend Dan Domenech (the current Drew). They're both awesome.

I auditioned one day at an open call, and got cut. I was pissed cause I knew the role was too perfect for me not to even be considered, so I went home and made a video. I sent the video to the casting director, and a couple weeks later I got a call to come in for the final day of callbacks - and I booked the show.

Dominique Scott as Drew in "Rock of Ages." Photo courtesy of

Donnie: On what level do you relate to the character of Drew? How are you different?

Dominique: I’m very similar to Drew in a lot of ways. He's a 23 year old trying to be a rockstar. Ummm.....

I was in New York just a couple months ago busing tables with big hopes and dreams just like Drew. And just like Drew... things are coming together.

Unlike me though, Drew is very hesitant and lacks the confidence to pursue his dreams or even talk to women. He LOVES girls, but lacks the social savoir-faire to handle himself in romantic situations. (Big words for a rock guy, huh?) The hesitancy trait he's got going is a TON of fun to play. He's just always kinda bumbling around, tripping over shit, saying the wrong things. By the end of the show though, in order to get the girl, he grows to be the confident quintessential rock star that we fall in love with.

Donnie: How is the tour going thus far? What words would you use to describe this cast? And what are you most looking forward to on your tour’s stop in San Diego?

Dominique: The tour is amazing. We've seen a lot of great places, met a lot of great fans..... The cast is extremely hard working and a lot of good, fun people. We really have some of the most talented people in the business. It's a pleasure getting to work alongside them every night.

Honestly, I've never been on the west coast AT ALL. So I'm really excited just to see the city - the people - the weather - looking forward to having a great time.

Dominique and Company in "Rock of Ages." Photo courtesy of

Donnie: I understand the show isn’t fully scripted and there is some room for ad libbing and audience interaction. How does that work?

Dominique: Yes, there are a few specific points in the show where the script allows us to be a bit loose.

Those are some of my favorite moments in the show.

We basically just let the audience scream shit at us, we react accordingly, and hope we don't get in too much trouble afterwards. :) It's a TON of fun. We get some really funny audiences sometimes.... for instance.... a couple weeks back in my "very serious" scene with Lonny he asks me: "What's really gonna make you happy Drew?" and in COMPLETE SILENCE - about 10 rows back, some woman shouted in "ME!!"

Lonny and I slowly turned our attention to her and the entire theater erupted in laughter. Just. Awesome.

Donnie: Last question, if there was one hit song from the 80’s that you wish was in the show, what would it be?

Dominique: “Hot Blooded” by Foreigner. I sing it all the time with Domin8trx. I just love that song. It rocks so hard. I believe there's a clip of us doing it on YouTube somewhere...

While there was no such clip to be found on YouTube (at least after my few attempts at sleuthing around the internet), I did manage to find a clip of our favorite rocker’s audition tape for ROCK OF AGES. All I can say is, “Rock on, Dominique!!!”

And you can catch Dominique live on stage when the "Rock of Ages" tour rocks the San Diego Civic Theatre from March 27-April 1, 2012. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit

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